The Rotary Club of
Pilot Knob
Chartered 2021

What do you appreciate most about Rotary?  More than anything, I appreciate the network of friends around the world who are equally dedicated to service above self. I have met so many friends through Rotary, most of whom I wouldn’t have met otherwise both locally and abroad.  Knowing those connections are there at any time when we need each other is a powerful thing.

If you could give just one reason for joining Rotary, what is it?  You will always get back ten-fold what you put into it. The project that brought me into Rotary was English-language mentoring with the women entrepreneurs in Costa Rica. It was late 2019 when I joined the project, not knowing the COVID was around the corner. Shelter-in-place was a struggle for me, personally.  And being able to speak with my mentee regularly about the struggles we were all enduring was such a gift.  Her resilience was incredible and I was inspired every day.  Read more about my personal experience here:

Tell us about one of your hobbies?  Healthy, plant-based cooking! Here are some of my favorites: Easy Tofu Pad Thai, Mole Enchiladas with Mexican Rice, and Eggplant Stacks with Cashew Ricotta. When so much of what I do for a living is long-term, I love the daily instant gratification of being able to enjoy a home cooked meal with my husband, Mike. I consider myself pesca-vegan, in that I don’t eat meat or dairy, only fish on occasion. I decided to do that for health reasons over 10 years ago, and now they say it’s also good for the environment, so there’s a tie-in with Rotary’s 7th are of focus now too!

Twenty years in the future, what do you think will be most memorable about your life now?  I am very grateful to be where I am in my career and personal life to be able to go back to school for my Executive MBA at the Austin satellite campus of Baylor University. The feeling of knowing I was signing up for 4 hours of class + 6 hours of homework each week for 21 months last year was daunting to say the least, but the support from my husband, family, Rotary family and more has made it a great experience.  Thinking back on how I was able to juggle it all will be quite the memory!  I graduate in May 2023 by the way – just 8 more months to go!

Our "Fill the Pantry" event is on September 30, at our Fifth Friday SocialPlease bring canned or boxed food that we will donate to the Denton Food Pantry at Serve Denton.
Time to clean out your drawers, closets and garage for items you can donate to the Pilot Knob Rotary booth at The After-Schoolers Fall Garage Sale! We’re also looking for volunteers to work the booth on October 22 at The Clubhouse parking lot. Contact Web Bliss  for more information.
Sept 30, 2022

No ZOOM Today
Special 5th Friday Social at Robson Ranch

Ever wonder what 4200 wine corks look like? Last chance to donate is Sept 30. Help fill the last box of 1009 and we’ll total out at 5200!
World Polio Day is October 24. Watch this newsletter for ways you can celebrate and participate on this special day.

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