The Rotary Club of
Pilot Knob
Chartered 2021

The annual virtual Zoom meeting for ShelterBox is Thursday Nov 3rd at 7pm Central time. Learn more about Shelterbox's volunteer activities, mission and purpose by attending the Zoom session at this link at 7pm tomorrow.   LINK HERE

ShelterBox provides housing support, mattresses and blankets, cooking and water purification kits to folks displaced by war, natural disasters and political upheaval in countries around the world including Ukraine, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Haiti, Yemen and others. There are an estimated 113 million in desperate need.

Member Spotlight - Judy Welton

What Rotary awards or commendations have you received?
I am a Paul Harris recipient from my work and club's amazing contributions to a homeless girl.  It is a long story and is best told rather than would be amazed at what an experience it has been and continues to be for me.


What would I cook if I had the Rotarians for dinner? 
Good question...I was known for dinners and large parties in North Dakota....since Bob's death 9+ years ago, I no longer do that....sooooo...I do not cook much...I would probably serve brisket, potato salad and peach cobbler from 407 barbecue.

Why did you join Rotary? 

I joined Rotary here because I had such positive experiences in North Dakota at Fargo West Rotary.  I expect there will be many positive experiences here also...especially as we grow and get more members.

Have you met new friends through Rotary?

Yes, I have made several new and good friends here.  Because we are small, there is a closeness and welcoming that is a definite strong point for this group.

Nov 4, 2022

Meeting is from 11:50am to 1:00pm and the Zoom link is:

Upcoming Speakers
Nov 11, 2022
D-Day Expert
D-Day Expert

Dwayne also conducts week-long tours of the D-Day invasion area in Normandy, France e

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Save the Date - December 4th at 6pm in the Robson Clubhouse.
PKRC's own Mike Weaver and his group Robson Ranch Ramblers perform a benefit concert for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates.) PKRC is a donor and co-sponsor of the event.  This is a free concert but donations of $25 and $50 gift cards are appreciated.
Lunch menu is available here.
Please send you order to Debbie.

Blood Emergency Readiness

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