Speaker Date Topic
Jim Dueser Apr 14, 2023
Racial Unity & Peace Committee
Lindsey Ebert - Painted Flower Farm Apr 21, 2023
Texas native milkweed, monarch and creating an ecological garden to support pollinators
Joe Richardson (Video Presentation) Apr 28, 2023
Lunch out of Landfills
Lunch out of Landfills

Joe Richardson of Southern Frederick Rotary Club (Maryland, US) has created a complete Lunch out of Landfills Toolkit Rotarians can use to launch a program to empower schools to divert organics from landfills. Food waste currently causes an estimated 124 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions in the US every year. Through Lunch out of Landfills your club can foster students’ environmental awareness and leadership. You may also be able to save schools money.


Mike Weaver May 12, 2023
ESRAG (Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group)